5 03 2007

Random Word Association

I say…you think…

1. blue: The Skies are Blue
2. love: My “Sweets”
3. whale: Moby Dick
4. school: School’s almost over…. hmmm vacation!
my son loves vacation time, I love vacations! =-) who doesn’t eh?
5. boy: Little boy Blue
6. kitchen: Food! Food! Food!
7. book: Love Love Love!
8. run: Why do Actors Run for Politics?
9. purple: My son’s “Family Day” motiff
10. music: Jazz…Coffee
11. sister: She had a new hair cut, she loves it! until…
she found out that it’s just like mine! 😉
12. work: Got TONS of Unfinished Projects! 😦 waaah!
( inhale…exhale…remember Thursday Thirteen #2! )
13. round: We go round and round and round…the circle game!

till next time…