Upsetting Day for a Good Blogger Wannabe

17 05 2007

I am just so upset today, I have always looked up to this blogger, admired her articles and feel for her on all her post. I just wanted to know and learn more about blogging and I want to get a domain and host for my blog and I happen to read that she is into webhosting. So, I went to her contact me page and leave a message on her mailbox, I inquired and ask maybe she could help me by hosting my blog. I saw that she have a google talk account, needing an immediate reply, I add her and sent her a Google Message but I guess my Gtalk is having a problem so I sit back and decided to wait na lang for her reply via email. Several days passed and still no reply, I thought maybe my message didn’t reached her. So today, I went back to her site and look for another contact info and found her YM ID so I tried adding her and sending her a message re my inquiry, but she declined me and didn’t answer back. I didn’t expect her to be a snob like that, she could have answered me back nicely naman that she’s not interested to host my blog or maybe too busy that moment than declining and ignoring me for no reason at all diba? hay…. 😦

I plainly want to learn more and be a better blogger and who’s the best person to ask? eh di siyempre those who are known na for their successful blogs diba? It’s just really upsetting to learn that the person you looked up to and idolize would treat you not so nice afterall. 😦


Longest Longganisa Festival 2005

2 02 2005

The event was graced by:

Gov. Tomas N. Joson III, Mayor Jay V. Vergara

and the Bb. Cabanatuan 2005 Winners

with the Soroptimists Club of Cabanatuan and Gov. Tommy

with Mayor Jay and the Araw ng Cabanatuan 2005 Commitee

with 101.5 Big Sound FM Ms. Joy Dominado and our beloved Mayor Jay

Come and Taste the Cabanatuan Longganisa! The best in the Philippines!

The Men and Women Behind the Bb. Cabanatuan 2005

1 02 2005

The Women Behind the Bb. Cabanatuan 2005

Councilor Raquel Agapito, Chairwoman Araw ng Cabanatuan 2005

Ms. Denise T. Huibonhoa, VP and Leasing Manager, Megacenter the Mall

and Chairwoman Bb. Cabanatuan 2005

Ms. Marites S. Roxas, Marketing Officer, Megacenter the Mall

Yours Truly, Mall Operations Manager,Project Development Director, Megacenter the Mall

And The Men Behind the Bb. Cabanatuan 2005

Mr.Bobby Odulio, Ads and Promo Officer, Megacenter the Mall

Mr. Herminigildo Villaroman III, Business Development Manager

Mr. Edwin Roxas, Program Director and Choreographer

The Preparation Begins…

30 01 2005

Stage Construction at the Freedom Park Cabanatuan City

Lights and Sounds Rehearsals

with Mr. Lito Cabanding of Octagon Pro Sounds and Lights

it’s 3:00 am so everyone went wacko! he he he

The Dream Team! Dream dream Dream…

Left: Hermie, Happy, Tess and Direk Edwin

Right: Direk Edwin, Tess, Happy and Hermie

Center: TessZzzzzz… he he he

Ole! Ole!

16 01 2005

Who said that you cannot mix work with leisure? he he he.

Having fun and laughs during the Bb. Cabanatuan Pictorial