100 Things About Me (a work in progress)

. I am the eldest among my siblings
2. I have a younger sister and brother
3. My 3 other sibling was born prematurely, they died the next day they were born.
4. I was also born prematurely, luckily or unluckily (it depends who you’ll ask) i survived. 😉
5. I love solving twisty logic problems.
6. But I hate straightforward math.
7. I have naturally straight hair.
8. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing.
9. I could never carry a tune.
10. But, I could tell if the singer is out of tune.
11. I love books
12. I am allergic to sudden climate changes
13. I love Google.
14. I even Google for my name every now and then.
15. I hate doing the laundry
16. And much more the ironing.
17. I love the British Accent, I find it so romantic.
18. I am a scaredy cat, esp when it comes to ghost and stuff.
19. I’m a huge procrastinator.
20. But, I could finish a week’s work in one day if I want to.
21. And when I work, I work very, very hard.
22. I sleep late.
23. I woke up late.
24. So most of the time I’m late.
25. I love coffee!
26. I consumed about 3-6 cups daily (depends on what I am doin)
27. I could program as to what my coffee is for. (to keep me awake or to make me sleep.)
28. Friends are important to me although I tend to be alone a lot.
29. I am not fond of drinking water.
30. One reason, why I got operated for gallstones.
31. But still, I don’t drink much water.
32. I love to travel,
33. I love to take long drives,
34. But, i don’t know how to drive.
35. I love tinkering with hi-tech gadgets.
36. I enjoy going to hardware stores
37. I love taking pictures
38. Most of the time, ME as my subject… let’s just call it vanity! he he.
37. I wish i could learn professional photography.
38. I have a terrible handwriting, I do believe it’s because my hand writes too slow for my brains.
39. Why? because I could write legibly if I do my thinking slowly. ha ha ha!
40. I am interested in Wicca, and I always dreamed to be a witch.
41. I practice Crstal Pendulum Dowsing whenever I need answers/guidance from my subconcious.
42. I am learning how to perform Aura Reading.
43. I love to sleep
44. I usually oversleeps.
45. Main reason for #24
46. I love make-ups,
47. and I preferred earth tones for my eyeshadows, blushers and lipstick
48. But I don’t use eyeliners and mascara.
49. I wish I have nicer looking feet.


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