About Moi

I am driven and ambitious.
I love challenges and I actively work to achieve what I want.
More than a little demanding and a bit too forgiving.
Creative, I love doing word games and puzzles.
I am a self confessed Sleep and Coffee Addict
I love to travel, I love to take long drives…though I can’t drive
I am forever in love with hi-tech gadgets, photography and books.
I love my Ibook named “CHLOE” but now that she’s all grown up
I have to let her go to explore the world… sigh…
I am now nurturing a new macbook baby named “CHANTAL”
and she’s really lovely. Love Love Love…
I love Dogs and I do have a collection of birds.
I always dream to be a witch… but a good witch though.
I do tend to act by intuition and i’m glad that my intuition rarely fails me.
I tend to be a bit of a loner, though I hate to be alone.

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3 responses

29 05 2007
Mimi Lenox

Welcome to the lovely land of the Peace Globes.
A beautiful globe. So glad to have found your blog. It’s really lovely. I enjoyed your article on financial success, too. Good advice.
You have been added to the gallery now and other lists on my site.

Have a great day. See you on June 6th!

31 12 2009
Randy Clere

Thank you for your timely and wise words on Co-dependency. My partner and I are diligently working on putting and end to that and developing Interdependence. It is somewhat slow going, however, we are working with a therapist & we are beginning to see some real change… Thanks!

21 02 2010

we’d like to invite you to join our network – please let me know the best way to contact you.

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