Declutter your Handbag

1 06 2007


It’s true that a Woman’s Handbag could be scary place…


so, if you’re belongings are starting to disappear into your bag,
then it’s time to declutter!


Use a Bag Organizer!
its a removable, flexible panel of pockets that could sit inside your bag


it compartmentalize your glasses, keys, cell phone, and other loose items.


the organizer shapes to the side of your bag and the center area is left free,
so you can put your wallet and other larger items in between.


Voila! Your bag is Nice, Clean and Organized!


Happy Decluttering Friday! 😀




6 responses

1 06 2007

I want one, Lizzette! My bag is full of abubot and sometimes I’m so tamad to organize it 🙂

Happy Friday! 🙂

1 06 2007

Aaaaah! Where can I get one!?

1 06 2007

Oh, I think I need one of those… okay, make that 2 or 3, lol. 😀

1 06 2007
Happy Lizzette

@ Sasha – He he he Girls are really fond of collecting abubots.
@ Toni – I bought mine from Poulex Department Store,Megacenter the Mall (plugging) in Cabanatuan. If you want one I could sell you one. he he he hmmm… i smell a good business here 😉
@ FruityOaty – Yeah! I could sell you 2 or 3 too! 😀

2 06 2007

I bought mine in one of those Christmas tiangges.

6 06 2007

i can’t, i can’t, i won’t even try de-cluterring this thing i call “mother’s bag of tricks”. and believe me, i do not like compartments. i just waste my time looking and looking for things, esp if there are compartments. i can’t trust my memory.

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