Guile’s 10th Birthday and his 2-night Sleepover Party

28 04 2007

The week long celebration…

April 17 2007, (Tuesday) being a weekday, James won’t be able to come home because he’s got work, and I need to be in Manila that day too for an important meeting. So we just made arrangement with Guile that we’ll celebrate his birthday party Saturday, April 21, 2007. Being a very understanding kid, he readily agreed but of course with the condition that we will give him money to treat his friends for a snack at the mall and let them play at the arcades.

April 18, 2007 ( Wednesday ) The kids had their first sleepover at our place.

Their first day activities includes, playing bowling with their Loloy, according to dad everyone played very well, but Jonas scored the highest at 114. After bowling, the kids had their request of Adobo dinner then after having their supper “Super Daddy” ( John2’s dad) fetch them for a ride at 7-11 and bought them their midnight snacks. Everyone went home with chips, drinks, candies and chocolates ( as in total snacks galore! ) so now, they have their excuse to stay late, sabi nga nila ” Tita, pano kami mag midnight snack kung matutulog kami ng maaga?” So? how will I reason to that now huh? having no choice, hay… I let them stay up late. They played unending computer games and PS2 and only went to bed around 3:30 AM, everyone’s tired (I can see it in their droopy eyes) but they kept on giggling, telling stories and making jokes while in bed and I only had my peace and finally heard the zzzzzz… sound around 4AM.

April 19 (Thursday)

On the second day, I treated them for a movie, I bought 3 TMNT tickets and their Lolay gave them additional money for snacks. After the movie they went home for more computer and playstation games. After dinner “Super Daddy” once again picked them up to buy their midnight snacks, but this time, I didn’t let them stay up too late, I bargained with them that I will let them tinker with my mac “Chantal” let them surf the net and update their friendster accounts but with a promise that they will sleep early. Thank God for my bargaining skills! 😉

Lesson learned:

Having 3 hyperactive kids in the house is sure lot of fun! but also no big joke! (me and our maid almost lost our sanity he he he.) I am sure glad that I only have one, but I wouldn’t mind having the 3 of them from time to time. 🙂

Then finally Saturday, April 21, 2007

He had a party at home with his close friends, Kuya Jonathan, Jonas and John John

and of course with his Loloy and Lolay.

We had a simple dinner of my Mom’s Sinigang na Hipon, Crispy Pata, Fried Spring Rolls and Arroz Valenciana.

For more pictures: Guile’s 10th Birthday




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