Double Birthday Celebration

2 04 2007

They say “Birthdays are best celebrated with friends and loved ones” and I could say that this holds to be very true.

Arlene at 31 and James at 40

Bestie Arlene and my Hubby celebrated their birthday together last night at Arlene’s place and all of us had a grand time!

Arlene with her cuties Bryan and Alyssa

Though Arlene’s hubby Bernie was not around to celebrate with us, their 2 adorable babies are there to liven up the evening with their squeals of delight when Me and James discovered how to make Brian’s “Robosapien” (a gift from his dad 😉 ) dance.

Hubby and Moi

The Birthday Club 🙂

“The Birthday Club” was present once more, (guys, may name na group natin.) he he he. Topics of the chikahan ranges from dating tips for our ever single friend, Dessa. How to act “mysterious” on firsts dates as advised of course by the “Margie Holmes of the club” Sweetheart. Occassional parenting tips from the trying hard to be good mommies, Me and Arlene. How to venture into the stock market and how to get rich by our financial advisor Mel 😀 and of course with from time to time inputs from our soon to be lawyer couple Jon and Pam.

What a nice combination of topics huh? till the next “Volt In” session guys! See yah!




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