Guile’s 10th Birthday and his 2-night Sleepover Party

28 04 2007

The week long celebration…

April 17 2007, (Tuesday) being a weekday, James won’t be able to come home because he’s got work, and I need to be in Manila that day too for an important meeting. So we just made arrangement with Guile that we’ll celebrate his birthday party Saturday, April 21, 2007. Being a very understanding kid, he readily agreed but of course with the condition that we will give him money to treat his friends for a snack at the mall and let them play at the arcades.

April 18, 2007 ( Wednesday ) The kids had their first sleepover at our place.

Their first day activities includes, playing bowling with their Loloy, according to dad everyone played very well, but Jonas scored the highest at 114. After bowling, the kids had their request of Adobo dinner then after having their supper “Super Daddy” ( John2’s dad) fetch them for a ride at 7-11 and bought them their midnight snacks. Everyone went home with chips, drinks, candies and chocolates ( as in total snacks galore! ) so now, they have their excuse to stay late, sabi nga nila ” Tita, pano kami mag midnight snack kung matutulog kami ng maaga?” So? how will I reason to that now huh? having no choice, hay… I let them stay up late. They played unending computer games and PS2 and only went to bed around 3:30 AM, everyone’s tired (I can see it in their droopy eyes) but they kept on giggling, telling stories and making jokes while in bed and I only had my peace and finally heard the zzzzzz… sound around 4AM.

April 19 (Thursday)

On the second day, I treated them for a movie, I bought 3 TMNT tickets and their Lolay gave them additional money for snacks. After the movie they went home for more computer and playstation games. After dinner “Super Daddy” once again picked them up to buy their midnight snacks, but this time, I didn’t let them stay up too late, I bargained with them that I will let them tinker with my mac “Chantal” let them surf the net and update their friendster accounts but with a promise that they will sleep early. Thank God for my bargaining skills! πŸ˜‰

Lesson learned:

Having 3 hyperactive kids in the house is sure lot of fun! but also no big joke! (me and our maid almost lost our sanity he he he.) I am sure glad that I only have one, but I wouldn’t mind having the 3 of them from time to time. πŸ™‚

Then finally Saturday, April 21, 2007

He had a party at home with his close friends, Kuya Jonathan, Jonas and John John

and of course with his Loloy and Lolay.

We had a simple dinner of my Mom’s Sinigang na Hipon, Crispy Pata, Fried Spring Rolls and Arroz Valenciana.

For more pictures: Guile’s 10th Birthday


My Quest on Being a Better Blogger…

11 04 2007

I have been blog hopping today, hoping to learn more about my new found hobby, “blogging” πŸ˜‰ and I came accross “Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User” a book by Janette Toral that would be published and released by May 2007. The book will cover the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to blogging (Exercise: Blog critic and setting up a personal blog)
Lesson 2: Blog copyright and ethics (Exercise: Identifying blog violations)
Lesson 3: Generating revenue through blogs (Exercise: Identify revenue generating schemes for blogs)
Lesson 4: Getting started in blogging (Exercise: Theme planning and Setting up your blog for business)
Lesson 5: Marketing your blog (Exercise: Metrics set-up, trend tracking, and blog promotion techniques)
Lesson 6: Introduction to podcasting (Exercise: Creating a podcast)
Lesson 7: Becoming a professional blogger (Exercise: Identify professional blogging opportunities)
Lesson 8: Setting up your own blog network (Exercise: Creating a blog network)

  • The 100-Days Blogging Challenge
  • Club Member Directory (Individual member blogs, SME and Corporate Members website)
  • Sponsor text ads
  • All Club members are entitled to a free copy of the book. SME members will get 2 copies while Corporate members shall get 3 copies. Individual members will get 1 copy.

    And the best part is, they would be giving out 100 copies of the books for Non-members like me, by just doing the following I could have the chance to qualify and own a copy.

  • Blog about this project and why you want to have a copy. Make sure to add a link back to this blog entry. Note that blogs created only for this purpose are not qualified.
  • Make sure that your contact / mailing address details is clear in your blog.
  • At your option, you can add the technorati tag for mutual promotion.
  • Post a comment here with the url to your blog.
  • Only one copy shall be given per person. If you are based overseas, we will send you an electronic copy of the book instead.
  • This promotion shall end upon reaching the 100 free book giveaway count.

    I would really love to be one of the lucky ones to have a “FREE” copy of this book, so here I am doing the post now.

    Please, please please.. qualify me for a free copy! πŸ˜‰

    Wordless Wednesday

    11 04 2007

    Wordless Wednesday

    Summer Getaway! Part 1: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

    11 04 2007

    It’s been 5 years since the last time I visited Ilocos, it’s when the whole family went on a long road trip along with then my “Poulex Supermarket” staff. This Holy Week, when my CRDC staff asked for a company outing, I immediately suggested “Pagudpud” for I have been longing to come back and rediscover the scenic beauty of the place and at the same time visit the “sights” that we missed the last time we were there.

    We left Cabanatuan at around 11:00 PM, knowing that the trip normally last 8-10 hours depending on your travel speed, traffic and how long your bathroom stop over are. My companions mostly slept during the trip and woke up only when we entered Ilocos Norte at around 5:00 AM. Our first destination for our trip is “Pagudpud” but we decided to explore first the tourist spots that we would pass by. We arrived in Burgos, Ilocos Norte around 6:30 AM and tried our luck if Cape Bojeador is already open for tours, luckily we’ve crossed path with Manong Jun, the caretaker. He’s off to the town already but he gladly went back and gave us a tour (Thanks Mang Jun!)… now, our Ilocos adventure’s on! yey! πŸ˜€

    Faro Cabo or Cape Bojeador is set majestically on a hill overlooking the South China Sea, It was built in 1892 and is one of the famous historical landmark of the province of Ilocos Norte. According to Manong Jun, he lits up the lighthouse at 6:00 PM and turn if off by 6:00 AM.

    Going up to the top of Cape Bojeador was so tiring, but the sight up there is simply magical, and would surely make up for the exhausting climb on the narrow spiral staircase of the lighthouse.

    Along the way, we saw the giant windmills, with luck on our side again we were able to view the windmills up close because our driver knows where to turn to reach this Bangui coast with the giant “electric fans” as my son says.

    Bangui Wind Farm is the largest wind park in Southeast Asia. 15 x 1.65 MW gigantic windmills are located in a 4km stretch of coast on Bangui Bay. The windmills are really awesome!

    We reached Pagudpud at around 8:00 AM, hmmm still early… ding! since I failed to visit Patapat Viaduct the first time we went to Pagudpud and I vowed not to miss it again, I suggested that we tour the Patapat Viaduct first before going to the beach.

    Patapat Viaduct,
    an elevated concrete highway along the winding/rocky headlands at the northernmost section of Ilocos Norte. When in Patapat, it will give you a great view of the Pasaleng Bay that leads up to the South China Sea.

    Well, the trip to Patapat Viaduct is really worth the extra minutes of travel, for you would be mesmerized by its awesome beauty…

    and along the Patapat Highway we came across this scenic park…

    Agua Grande is a picnic park with a stream of crystal clear running water from the mountains that leads to the sea. They also have an infinity pool of natural spring water.

    After having some pictures in the viaduct and Agua Grande we went to Maira-Ira Beach, or commonly known as,

    The Blue Lagoon

    ” Luzon’s white sand and bluest water conspire majestically to be situated in one place. ” – Lonely Planet 9th Edition

    On calm days, when the notorious Ilocos surf is taking a break, the waters of the cove can be still as a pond, mirroring the azure sky to form a stunning blue loch.

    But when we were there, the waves are really acting up, it’s scary to swim so we just played with the waves and build sand castles…

    Finally, after several Scenic Spot Stop-Overs and Photo Sessions, off we go to our original destination…

    Saud Beach
    Saud boasts of a beautiful white beach with clear blue water, it is one of pagudpud’s vast beaches along with Maira-Ira and Panzzian.

    Coconut palm-backed Saud Beach is where the resorts like Saud Beach Resort, Arinaya, Polaris, Tera Rika, etc are located.

    We paid the entrance fee and rented a cottage at Saud Beach Resort and finally had our lunch there. After our sumptous meal of adobo, binagoongan and chicken feet, Joey and Tess relaxed at the cottage, Daisy, Abby, Jen and Harold tour the beach, Guile played and build more sand castles, and James pretended to be watching out for Guile but actually have been girl watching.. while I, was at the van catching some sleep. πŸ˜€

    Everyone enjoyed the clear blue waters of Saud Beach and took pleasure as we watched the beautiful sunset on the beach…

    After a day well spent, we, then head back to Laoag City for the night.

    (to be continued…)

    Double Birthday Celebration

    2 04 2007

    They say “Birthdays are best celebrated with friends and loved ones” and I could say that this holds to be very true.

    Arlene at 31 and James at 40

    Bestie Arlene and my Hubby celebrated their birthday together last night at Arlene’s place and all of us had a grand time!

    Arlene with her cuties Bryan and Alyssa

    Though Arlene’s hubby Bernie was not around to celebrate with us, their 2 adorable babies are there to liven up the evening with their squeals of delight when Me and James discovered how to make Brian’s “Robosapien” (a gift from his dad πŸ˜‰ ) dance.

    Hubby and Moi

    The Birthday Club πŸ™‚

    “The Birthday Club” was present once more, (guys, may name na group natin.) he he he. Topics of the chikahan ranges from dating tips for our ever single friend, Dessa. How to act “mysterious” on firsts dates as advised of course by the “Margie Holmes of the club” Sweetheart. Occassional parenting tips from the trying hard to be good mommies, Me and Arlene. How to venture into the stock market and how to get rich by our financial advisor Mel πŸ˜€ and of course with from time to time inputs from our soon to be lawyer couple Jon and Pam.

    What a nice combination of topics huh? till the next “Volt In” session guys! See yah!