Thursday Thirteen #4

28 03 2007

Thirteen Answers Why Girls are Harder to Raise

Who are harder to raise… Boys or Girls?
Haven’t tried raising a girl yet… hmmm hope to raise one soon though. 😉
Anyway, according to this survey, GIRLS are harder to raise…why?

Which is harder to raise:
72% voted Girls
Vote at!

1. With boys you already know where you stand, and that’s right into the path of trouble. It’s already given, messy room, broken toys, unmade beds, just name it, you got it. But with girls, everything seems nice on the surface but beware of what’s inside! Nicely made beds turned out to have a trashbin underneath.

2. Boys are more honest, if you ask them what they’re up to, they’ll shout Wrestling! and I am doing a Batista Bomb! with our dog! Cool! But with girls, they’ll sweetly answer you… Nothing Mom! but it turned out that they are already painting the wall using your new lipstick.

3. Boys when they are young (wild and crazy) and girls when they are older (mouthy and moody).

4. Young girls have to deal with the issues of self-esteem and virtue, learning their bodies and being taught immense self respect and self worth. Young boys have to learn these principles as well, but it’s harder to teach these things to young girls, especially with all the pressure from society to fit a certain mold.

5. Girls mature faster than boys.

6. Girls costs more to raise, they start to outspend boys before puberty.

7. Girls are harder to dress than boys, they tend to have their “favorite” dress that they insists on wearing… like insisting on wearing a swimsuit going to the mall?

8. With boys, all you have to do with them is keep them from killing themselves ie: riding their bike down a huge hill, eating gross stuff, you know, boy stuff. But with girls it’s a lifetime of worry. Is that too low cut, who are her friends, is this boy nice to her, is her fiance gonna work and take care of her, is her husband treating her and her children good. Things like that means a lifetime of worry.

9. With a son you only have to worry about him, but with a girl you have to worry about every one elses sons!

10. Girls are waaaaaaay harder! Do you know how out of control their hrmones can get?!

11. Girls whine and complain too much. Boys suck everything up and act like men. They don’t whine about having to have the latest fashion of clothing or makeup or other things of that nature that girls do.

12. Girls can slam the door louder, beg longer, turns tears on and off like a faucet and invented the termn “you don’t trust me!”

13. So much for “sugar and spice and everything nice” and “snips and snails and puppydog tails.”

Whew! I’m sure glad that I am raising a Boy! 😉

Source: Yahoo Answers and Erma Bombeck’s Book “Motherhood the Second Oldest Profession”




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2 04 2007

nice one here! while reading this entry, it makes me think about my two kids – a boy and a girl, as well! HEHEHE, especially, No. 2 ‘coz we’ve experienced it! :((

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