Thursday Thirteen #3

8 03 2007

Thirteen Things I Find Weird About My Hubby

1. He eats with a spoon using his right hand, but uses his left if he’s on chopsticks.

2. I think it’s weird that he gets to ride a public transport when’s he’s already in College. (He’d rather walk his way. ha ha ha!)

3. and, until now, he doesn’t know how to!

4. Weirder thing is, he also doesn’t know how to drive!!!

5. He loves to sleep so much, he could even sleep while standing.

6. Now, he’s practicing how to sleep with his eyes open. he he he

7. He loves eggplant so much. fried, baked, boiled, grilled, torta etc… (I know this is not weird)

8. But, fried eggplant and catsup with bread? Boiled eggplant with bread? That! I think is weird.

9. He only get to have a computer for a pet.

10. He eats his pancit with catsup.

11. He doesn’t want his food warm, nor his soup hot. He prefers it to be cold, as in straight from the refrigerator cold!

12. He never complains, even if I serve him Instant Pancit for lunch and Instant Yakisoba for dinner.ha ha ha!

13. But for sure, weird or not, there’s no doubt that I love him!

I love you my Sweet. Peace! 😉 Mwah!

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2 responses

24 03 2007

tsk! tsk! tsk! should get one also for a “Thirteen Things I Find Weird About My Wife!” This is sweet!

24 03 2007

I love pancit… but not with ketchup. Ick. 🙂

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