Birthday dinner with the “Bestest Friends and Family” ever!

19 02 2007

Thank you guys for all the birthday messages, emails , and the “unplanned” and somehow “planned” birthday dinner…
I really appreciate it and surely made my day brighter!

with (R-L) Tess, and Daisy

(R-L) Moi, Sweet, Odessa, Arlene and Pam

Thank you too to the ff:
Lou, for the wonderful “e-card”, Jason, Maritess, Leslie, Ochie, Irene, Beth, Ate Chie, Joyce, Marie, Edwin, Cherryl, Jenny, M’ Denise, Tita Neneth, J, Chino, Tita Tessie, my sister Ciarra, for all your YM greetings and SMS messages and also Hermie, for the phonecalls and YM chat schedule that I missed! shucks! I’m so sorry talaga for missing it but I thank you talaga for the greetings.

And of course thank you to my Super Mom, (she was able to prepare all these food in such short notice imagine? ) Thank you for the Pancit (for Long Life daw), Beef Tenderloin Tips, Grilled Chicken, and the Fresh Fruit Salad it surely filled us up. mwoah! Love you Ma!, my Dad, for driving around to transport all the goodies from their kitchen to ours. he he he. My Bro Jilani, for braving the palengke to buy the chicken and the vegetables he he. Arlina, (and Nanay, kasi si nanay ang nagluto while arlina is watching he he he) for the Pancit, my! i’m sure i’ll have a very long life for all the pancit now. Sweet, for the Sweets that are really sweet ha ha ha!. Mel, for the Sansrival! yum yum!. Pam and her hubby Jon, for the oh so good! Leche Flan and Crema. Tess, Daisy, Geoff, for coming even sobra immediate ng invitation ko, pasensiya na ha, the dinner was not planned kasi talaga. (Thank you lang kay Sweet and Arlene’s connivance! ha ha ha!) Jenny, (our ever reliable angel) for all the help and making sure everything’s clean and ready for the dinner kahit naka day-off na siya he he.

At siempre! my birthday won’t be complete without the sweetest thing in the world… my sweet baby James! Mwah! Love you my sweet and thank you for the birthday cake and thank you for always being here with me. (Akala ko you really won’t be able to make it, and it would be the 1st time that you will miss my birthday in our 8 years together, sad na ako talaga eh. he he he! and I’m really glad that you really made sure that you won’t miss my birthday. I appreciate it very much my sweet and you just don’t know how happy and thankful I am for it.) Mwah! I love you!.

Teka lang I need to mention someone…. kasi he will make tampo for not being included here for sure he he he… so sige na I thank also my sweet baby Guile! (I have to make the tagline same as his Tito James or he’ll get jealous he he.) Actually, my sweet baby Guile is the first one to give me gift for my birthday (well the story about this “gift” deserves a separate post so just wait for it.) Mwah! I love you too my sweet baby Guile! thank you for always making mommy’s birthday special. Mwah!

Again, Thank you everyone! and I am looking forward for more years of love and friendship… kisses!




One response

19 02 2007

Happy is one of sweetest, kind, thoughtful, etc.. FRIEND of mine since
childhood.. and until now she never change kahit teenager na kami “kkhiya”
Kaya kahit hangang tumanda na tayo. at birthday mo.. ako at si arline ang magiinvite uli sayo at sa mga friends natin. To inform them every Feb. 18 at 7pm dinner uli Kala Happy kasi birthday nya! Minsan kasi ang isang tao nagkakaroon ng sakit na kalimot.. hehehehe
We love so much Friend….
Thanks for everything you’ve done to us.
God Bless…

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