Thursday Thirteen #1

15 02 2007

Thirteen Things About ME

1. I was named after Michael Jackson’s Hit Song “Happy” (Geez! of all names i still don’t get it why my mom and dad named me Happy!)

2. I was born premature (7 mos.) (My mom said that I was too small and fragile I would fit into a shoebox )

3. Just about days after I was released from the incubator and was finally allowed to go home, I was rushed again to the hospital for Pheumonia.

4. I only got to learn to put on my own socks and tie my shoes when i was 9 years old.

5. I had my firstborn at 21, my ex left us 2yrs after our son was born, I met my newlove at 23, now I am turning 31 and I could say that I am truly happy.

6. I love my son “Guile”

7. I love my “Sweet”

8. I love coffee! (I got the love for coffee from my Grandfather)

9. I love gadgets (cellphones, computers, anything digital would amuse me.)

10. I love to sleeep!!! and i could sleep 3 days straight ha ha ha!

11. I love my Macbook “Chantal”

12. I love our dogs

13. I am glad that I was finally able to consolidate and update my blog. Now I have something to do and somehow talk to at night. he he he

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16 02 2007

Hello! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog! Enjoyed reading your Thursday 13 list! 🙂

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