All about Cards and Poems

8 09 2005

Image231_1Been cleaning my room one day and i found a familiar box… the box i used to open every night and secretly kept underneath my bed … the box that used to make me feel loved and special…the box that made me a dreamer…. now it’s
there accumulating dust iside the unused
shelf of my cabinet…

I opened it, memories flowed unto me
like a rushing river…

Image233.jpgInside are cards from two different people, cards that’s both full of endearing words and sweet promises… cards that made me smile… cards that made me cry… been wondering why we get to forget our promises? forget the things that once made us happy…?

and worst! dedicate the same poem we made for one person to another …

“greatest gift I received from a princess that once lived,lived only in my dreams… dreams so deep…dreams so dim…dim it was till the dream came true…true as the true love i found in you”….

well it’s not that i’m angry nor jealous but i’m just wondering, bakit hindi ka na lang ulit gumawa ng ibang tula para sa kanya? or maybe you also didn’t made that poem for me? well….