In perspective

29 07 2005

When something goes wrong, even when several things go wrong
at once, there are still many more things that continue to
go right for you. One of the best ways to deal with any
trouble in your life is to put it into perspective.

It’s easy to put all of your focus on the problems because
they often scream for attention. Yet no matter how intensely
the problems assert themselves, you always have the power to
put them in perspective.

Use the magnificent power of your mind to visualize all the
many treasures and blessings in your life. When compared to
all the good things, the problems will not be so

And when your mind is no longer overwhelmed with the
problems of the moment, you begin to gain real power over
those problems. By putting them into perspective, you put
your problems at a distinct disadvantage.

It’s common to respond to a sudden difficulty with shock,
anger, frustration, dismay and a whole host of other
negative emotions. Yet imagine what would happen if you were
to respond with gratitude, not gratitude for the problem
itself but rather for all the good things still present in
your life.

With gratitude, your energy suddenly shifts in a very
positive direction. With gratitude, what once seemed
overwhelming becomes something you can confidently

Decide to put your problems in perspective, and you’ll find
everything you need to get beyond them.

— Ralph Marston




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