Take time to think

18 07 2005

Every now and then, on rare occasion, a quick and frantic
response is needed. Most of the time, however, a calm and
thoughtful response is much more powerful and effective.

Before you respond to life’s events, take time to think
clearly and calmly about what you are doing. Before you
respond to the situations that come your way, take time to
remember who you are and the direction you want to be

A frantic, emotional reaction made in haste can often push
you back even more than the event to which you are reacting.
On the other hand, a calm, thoughtful response can usually
bring a positive outcome from what would otherwise be a
negative situation.

Certainly it is sensible to respond promptly to whatever
life sends your way. Yet that does not mean that you must
respond thoughtlessly and carelessly.

Before you say something you could regret for a long time,
take a moment to calmly consider it. Before you do something
that might take years to overcome, take a moment to
thoughtfully consider your response.

A calm, well-considered response is a powerful response.
Take time to think, and the way you respond will keep you
moving positively forward.

— Ralph Marston




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