In perspective

29 07 2005

When something goes wrong, even when several things go wrong
at once, there are still many more things that continue to
go right for you. One of the best ways to deal with any
trouble in your life is to put it into perspective.

It’s easy to put all of your focus on the problems because
they often scream for attention. Yet no matter how intensely
the problems assert themselves, you always have the power to
put them in perspective.

Use the magnificent power of your mind to visualize all the
many treasures and blessings in your life. When compared to
all the good things, the problems will not be so

And when your mind is no longer overwhelmed with the
problems of the moment, you begin to gain real power over
those problems. By putting them into perspective, you put
your problems at a distinct disadvantage.

It’s common to respond to a sudden difficulty with shock,
anger, frustration, dismay and a whole host of other
negative emotions. Yet imagine what would happen if you were
to respond with gratitude, not gratitude for the problem
itself but rather for all the good things still present in
your life.

With gratitude, your energy suddenly shifts in a very
positive direction. With gratitude, what once seemed
overwhelming becomes something you can confidently

Decide to put your problems in perspective, and you’ll find
everything you need to get beyond them.

— Ralph Marston



26 07 2005

Real happiness does not come from the fulfillment of every
desire. You can chase an endless chain of wishes and
desires, and still manage to be unhappy.

So how and when does happiness come? It comes, quite simply,
when you allow it.

Though your life may be filled with challenges and
difficulties, still you can be genuinely happy. Whether you
are close to reaching your goals, or far away, or already
beyond them, real happiness is always close at hand.

The world and its culture may convince you that you need
this or that in order to find happiness. Yet in truth, you
need nothing other than to let it be.

Instead of waiting or longing or searching for a reason to
be happy, create for yourself a way to be happy. Something
as simple as a smile can get you started, and that’s
something you can do right now.

Let go of the notion that you must grasp for or struggle to
attain happiness, and simply let it be. That can instantly
make all the difference in the world.

— Ralph Marston

Your influence

19 07 2005

Give, and you will have. Teach, and you will learn.

Listen, and you will be understood. Live with kindness, and
kindness will live with you.

Respect, and you will be respected. Be truthful, and it will
be nearly impossible for others to deceive you.

Keep a generous spirit, and your life will be filled with
abundance. Seek to bring out the best in others, and they’ll
give you the best that they have.

Give your genuine encouragement to those who thirst for it
most, and you’ll be encouraged beyond all measure. Speak
positively of your world, and your world will be a rich and
fulfilling place.

The world you influence with your thoughts, words and
actions is the world in which you live. Always be your best,
and that world is a great place to be.

— Ralph Marston

Take time to think

18 07 2005

Every now and then, on rare occasion, a quick and frantic
response is needed. Most of the time, however, a calm and
thoughtful response is much more powerful and effective.

Before you respond to life’s events, take time to think
clearly and calmly about what you are doing. Before you
respond to the situations that come your way, take time to
remember who you are and the direction you want to be

A frantic, emotional reaction made in haste can often push
you back even more than the event to which you are reacting.
On the other hand, a calm, thoughtful response can usually
bring a positive outcome from what would otherwise be a
negative situation.

Certainly it is sensible to respond promptly to whatever
life sends your way. Yet that does not mean that you must
respond thoughtlessly and carelessly.

Before you say something you could regret for a long time,
take a moment to calmly consider it. Before you do something
that might take years to overcome, take a moment to
thoughtfully consider your response.

A calm, well-considered response is a powerful response.
Take time to think, and the way you respond will keep you
moving positively forward.

— Ralph Marston

Choose your path

17 07 2005

PathYour problems are real and demanding. Yet they are tiny when
compared to all the positive possibilities for your life in
this moment.

You have fallen short in the past. Yet the past is over, and
you are free to choose a new and more fulfilling direction,
right now.

There are difficult challenges that you now face. And right
alongside those challenges, intertwined and intermingled
with them, there are stunningly magnificent

This is your time to grasp those opportunities. Whatever may
try to hold you back is trivial and of little consequence
when compared to what you can gain by moving forward.

The difficulties this moment may hold are far outnumbered by
the possibilities for achievement, learning, love, joy and
fulfillment. Focus your mind, focus your energy on the best
of those possibilities.

In this very moment you are free to choose any thought, any
action, any path you wish. Choose to step confidently
forward on the path to the best place and the best life you
can possibly imagine.

— Ralph Marston

Quote for the Day

16 07 2005


I could never be this honest on decaf…"
– John Fischer, Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian


16 07 2005

Reality strikes…

Like a mirror,

Breaking right in front of you…

The beauty it once beholds,


Like the tiny bits and pisces of glass,

Raining on your face…


As sharpness stings,

Cutting through your skin…

And you cry in pain,

But the sound was void…

Only the crisp,

Cracking sound of glass…


Through the silence.

Blood and tears

Stain your face…


Your eyes from the tangible…

But pain makes you see,


And vividly…

The truth that was…

And the truth that is…