I Don`t Have To

15 11 2004

I don’t have to see you
To know you’re always there
I don’t have to speak to you
To know you’ll always care.

I don’t have to turn from you
My true self to hide
I don’t have to worry because
I know it’s what God has planned.

I don’t have to dwell on the past
And the wrong turns that I took
I don’t have to keep things from you
My heart is an open book

I don’t have to feel unattractive
On the days I look a mess
I don’t have to fear what you think
Because you’ll still say I’m gorgeous.

I don’t have to stop myself
From telling you exactly what I feel
I don’t have to pretend with you
Because what we have is real.

I don’t have to rest my tired head
It’s not slumber I desire
I don’t have to speak to you
Each and every night
I don’t have to, but I want to
because doing so make me feel alright.

I don’t have to say I love you
A hundred times a day
But I’ll always say I Love You my Sweet,
Because these Love, is for us to keep.




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